As one of the three ingredients in the Ayurvedic super formula Triphala, Haritaki Powder (Terminalia chebula) is considered to be one of the best herbs for balancing vata dosha. Fortifying the body’s natural cleansing process, it gently abstracts accumulated natural toxins in the gastrointestinal tract. As a rejuvenative, it reinforces and victuals the tissues and fortifies the congruous function of the colon, lungs, liver, and spleen. Haritaki is traditionally utilized as a remedy for all vata-cognate imbalances. It maintains conventional elimination, avails promote salubrious body mass, and fortifies comfortable and consummate digestion. Haritaki is highly revered in India, as it is believed to increment energy, perspicacity, and vigilance.
Haritaki fruit has been used for thousands of years with great success in India. This wonderful fruit grows in Asia and is common in Ayurvedic Medicine. Haritaki is a great for cleansing our GI tract and building good probiotics and thus improving our immune system. It's also important as a natural antibiotic, anti-fungal agent, and anti-inflammatory agent. Plus it also helps to protect and cleans the liver.
Gastrointestinal agents: Based on an animal studies, Terminalia chebula may accelerate the healing of indomethacin-induced stomach ulceration in rats (45) and, at a dose of 100mg/kg daily for 15 days orally, increased the percentage of gastric emptying (compared with metoclopramide, a prokinetic drug) (46). Based on a study in rats with duodenal ulcers, a mixture of Ayurvedic medicines that included Terminalia chebula (with Glycyrrhiza glabra, Piper longum, and Shanka bhasma) may increase the activity of beta-glucuronidase activity in the Brunner’s glands (47).
The oil of Haritaki, mixed with a carrier oil, can be applied topically to eliminate common scalp bacterias that affect the health of our hair follicles. Haritaki can restore our hairs lustre and lead to hair growth by unclogging our hair follicles from dormant and active bacterias and debris. Haritaki has also been used traditionally to treat head lice. Anemia is a deficiency of iron, of which one of its symptoms is weak hair and hair loss. Haritaki contains iron which can help to rectify Anemia and restore serum levels of iron. In Ayurveda, Haritaki is commonly used in combination with other herbs to promote hair growth.
Turmeric is a powerful spice. It reduces the inflammation in your body, but it also helps to absorb nutrients and cleanse your blood. Some Indian gurus put the turmeric paste on their foreheads claiming it helps to clear the brain from neurotoxins and awakens the third-eye.  Turmeric is still a great thing to try, whether in a form of a supplement or a tea.
Terminalia chebula is medium to large sized deciduous tree growing up to height of 25-30mt and diameter of trunk of this tree is 1mt. This plant matures with numerous branches and rounded crown. Bark of this medicinal plant is dark brown in color with longitudinal cracks. Leaves are oval or elliptic, 7-8cm long, alternate or sub opposite in direction with a petiole of 1-3cm. These are oblique and unequal at the base and have 5-8 pairs of veins. Fruit of this plant is ovoid drupe, broad, blackish and have five longitudinal ridges. Flowers have dull white to yellow color with strong and unpleasant odor. Its flowers are hermaphrodite and fruits are yellow to orange-brown in color. Flowering of this Indian medicinal plant appears between April and August and plant bears fruits from November to January.
Haritaki has as a major property, the ability to cleanse the intestinal tract, and the whole gastro-intestinal system. This might sound fairly elementary as a property, however as we examine this in more detail, we see that when this system is clean then a great number of positive results take place. Blood oxygenation increases, which in turn  affects the whole body, with an increase in energy flow (1) and optimal brain function.

An irreplaceable ingredient in Ayurvedic medicinal recipes, Haritaki is listed in the wonderfully researched book, The Way of Ayurveda Herbs and, some of the healing abilities attributed to Haritaki are; reducing the severity of coughs because it contains antitussive properties, ease vomiting and acute diarrhoea, heal skin conditions, soothe a sore throat, parasitic elimination, calm and cure digestive issues, help with the malabsorption of nutrients, tumour suppression, reverse jaundice caused by liver disease and act as a “cardiotonic” to assist those at risk of, or suffering from, heart disease.
Or perhaps these extraordinary actions could also be due to haritaki’s rasayana, or rejuvenative quality. This quality is very supportive to vata and the large intestine (there’s that seat of vata again). Its rejuvenation goes deeper—it penetrates all seven dhatus (tissue layers), providing delicious full-body strength and nourishment, and then goes on to support the proper function of the colon, lungs, liver, and spleen.17 And, as if that wasn’t enough, thanks to its effect in the deepest tissue layer, shukra dhatu (the reproductive tissue layer), it helps to enhance immunity.18
Yoga is one of the oldest physical and spiritual practices in the world. By studying it you can find about chakras which are the energy centers in your body. The Pineal gland is connected with the crown chakra which is activated with practices like Pranayama, Vipassana, and Yoga, which is great for stabilizing your “energy winds” or what the Chinese call “Chi”.

To remove the calcium buildup that we already have so that the pineal gland is decalcified we can use Haritaki as one tool. The research on how to use Haritaki to remove the mercury is at this link here. this research was conducted by the well known doctor, Dr. Mercola. he came up with a few different protocols that are all listed in the link above.

The modern medical systems suggest surgical treatment for the cure of the heart problems but on another hand, Ayurveda targets the deep root cause of the disease. The best cure for heart diseases is to adopt a holistic approach named Ayurveda the part of the great Indian heritage. This is not only based upon the ancient principle but many researchers worked and proofed that heart issues are reversible with the help of Ayurvedic treatment.

In Buddhism it is featured in images of the Medication Buddha. He is holding Haritaki in both palms. In one hand Haritaki is a component of Amrita, the Nectar of the Gods, which gives immortality, an amazing benefit! In Tibetan Buddhism Haritaki (chebulic myrobalan, terminalia chebula, and kadukkai) is part of almost every medicine. It is likewise recognized for its spiritual powers, being called "Supreme Nectar that Brightens the Mind".
In this discourse delivered on 30 August 2017, Paramahamsa Nithyananda reveals deeper truths about the Spiritual Alchemy science called ‘Aushada’. Aushada is one of the 3 methods through which Sadāshiva opens up the possibilities of manifesting all the powers, manifesting all the states of Consciousness and exploring dimensions of the Universe. Aushada can be herbal combinations; combination of herbs Prana, cosmic force energies, ultimately the Shaktipada of Sadashiva. Watch, share and like the video’s and Subscribe to our channel to be notified of the next upload.